The Quartet Difference

What Sets us Apart from our Competitors?

Simplicity ECU’s are the most durable, robust, proven, and flexible ECU solution available.

  • Designed, tested and built by our own engineers, we are a one stop company for product, questions and repair.
  • A Simplicity ECU installs in your home easily, with no special wiring required.
  • Each unit is customized to meet your needs giving you as much or as little access as needed.
  • Each unit carries a two year warranty.
  • A built-in back-up battery is provided with every unit, ensuring functionality even without power.
  • The unit works independently from your personal computer, guaranteeing you round the clock, crash and virus free service.
  • Low ownership cost with the average life being 12-15 years.
  • Low maintenance cost which consists of changing the internal battery every 2 years.  The internal battery keeps the units integrity in check when fluctuations in your homes electrical power or power outages happen.

ECU Components

Replacement Batteries, Phone Cords, Pillow Speakers and more.


Mounts are available to attach to your bed or chair for your microphone.

Bed Cables

Quartet provides control access to many bed models such as Hill-Rom Advanta, Hill-Rom Advanced, Joerns Ultra Care XT and Craftmatic to name a few. Contact Quartet to see if there is a bed cable for your bed model.


Microphones used for voice activation of the AIO and phone use on both the AIO and Switch ECU.

Radio Packages

Used with your ECU, a radio package will provide access from anywhere in your home.

Quartet Battery Adaptor

Power your radio package through your power wheelchair or a stationary set up.

Quartet Sip N’ Puff (QSP)

Quartet’s Pneumatic Switch is configurable for sip and puff and has built in attendant buttons.

Quartet Insteon Controller (QIC)

Access your Insteon controlled devices through the ECU with this controller. It is also compatible with X10 for legacy customers.

X10 Modules

Access your X10 controlled devices through the ECU with QIC.